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For over two decades we have specialized in providing complete PC system solutions, applications development support, and parts to Industrial, Manufacturing, and Laboratorial concerns.

Our product line includes: Industrial & Embedded Computers, Data Acquisition & Control, Motion Control, Industrial Vision Systems and IP/65 Enclosures.


We are committed to distributing the finest state of the art equipment and products for the best possible price/performance ratio.


Total Solution

Service Satisfaction

Price & Warranty


System integration is one of the most complex issues confronting system developers.

There is nothing more painful than having to acquire different components from various

sources and to get support from all of them.


Purchasing all the components of a system from ICPC is the most reliable way of

assembling a system quickly and efficiently.


ICPC is committed to offering its customers ongoing consultation and support every

step of the way.


Service Satisfaction


ICPC is composed of staff of dedicated and experienced engineers ready to meet your needs.

Our engineers are ready to assist you with any technical problem or product application,

anytime and anywhere.


We are at your service 24 hours a day through Hot EMail to provide technical information,

technical support, price information and to take your orders.


As a purchaser of an ICPC product, you are entitled to technical support and tips on how

to use our products. We can also assist you with the development of new applications

based on our products.


ICPC support for new applications is usually reserved for ICPC customers.

To get an idea of the type of support we offer our customers, check out the application

stories on our web site.


To get our support on a new application or when upgrading an existing one,

please email us a clear and detailed description of your requirements.

We’ll do our best to help you get the best results.


If you have a problem with one of our products, please make sure you carefully read

the User’s Manual before contacting us. Most common problems are addressed in

the manual, saving you time and money.


Most Advantech PC cards purchased through ICPC have a 3 year extended warranty period.

During this time, service is provided free of charge (unless the product has been mishandled).


Items not under warranty are handled promptly and expertly at our standard lab rates.


ICPC offers you the best price. The best price/performance ratio is achieved by manufacturing which utilizes Western technology and high efficiency Asian production expertise.

Discounts at ICPC’s channels are adjusted on the basis of both the amount purchased and your long term purchasing record.

ICPC offers a 3 years extended warranty on most ADVANTECH products purchased through ICPC’s channel.

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